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.Kenny enjoys his new "ride"!
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Bike Giveaway

After doing a bicycle drive for us, Spin Zone Cycling Outfitters in Granger donated 4 adult bikes and 7 children’s bikes.  To give out the bikes SMH staff asked the women and children to write a paragraph about why they need a bike.  There was a huge response with over 70 entries!  It was a great experience to able to give bikes to some our women and children that needed them the most.

Check out some of their stories below!

Having a bike would mean a great deal to me because I walk all over in town and out to look for work.  My feet hurt all the time and at times the blisters are real painful at times.  I go one side of town to the other at least three to four times a day searching for work.  If I had a bike, I could go a lot further to search for work!  I take very good care of everything I have and keep it clean and triple locked when you have to go to the store.  I will ride a longer way to search for work anywhere.  And it would be nice to ride out of town to visit friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I live out on South Bend Ave.  I walk over a mile to town each day.  Sometimes it is too hot, stormy, or my legs are just too worn out.  A bike will greatly help me to get to necessary places such as the grocery store, library, church, St. Margaret’s House, etc.  I have plenty of room in my apartment to safely store it inside.  A bike would also greatly expand my ability to find stable employment.  Thank you for your consideration.

I would like a bike so that I could ride it to and from school.  The bus stops running early and I have night classes.  It is hard finding a ride from school.  I would store it in my home at the Catholic Worker House.  Having a bike would mean that I could get to and from school without any problems.

I would really like a bike for my son.  We would really like it.  On the state that I’m in I can’t afford it.  We would really be so happy.  Please let him have the bike.  It would make an early Christmas for him.  Thank you.

Although I am 17, I’ve never once had a bike to call mine.  I always see families, ids and their dogs, even the elderly riding bikes.  And every summer vacation I always say, “This summer I’m going to get that bike,” then something bad happens.  The past 2 summers were the worst – first my leg broke so I count’s cut grass.  Then my dad was shot…For a girl that’s my age this summer I want to say, “I got that bike!” and join the others riding in the streets.

My son would love a bike that’s all he talks about.  His birthday is next month and that would make his day.  His sister has a bike, but not him, and they fight all the time because he wants a turn, but she loves her princess bike and he is too big for her bike.  I love to take both of them to a bike trail and have them ride along the water.  They love to have races.  He’s a little man and takes good care of his stuff.  I don’t have the money to get him a nice birthday present and that would really help him if he could win this.  If he does win it, it’s going to be like giving him a million dollars.

Having a bike would mean a lot to me and my children because they have been wanting one for a long time.  They watch the kids ride their bikes and get new bikes and still they have none.  It will make them feel a lot better because they are with everyone else riding. They’ll have something fun and positive to look forward to doing outside everyday while it’s warm.  They’ll get exercise and fun at the same time.  It will also take some heaviness off my because they are satisfied and have finally got what they were looking for.

I want a bike because it would really mean everything to me.  I live with my grandma and she’s on a wheelchair so I don’t get a lot of things that I want.  I would take care of it like it was a person or something valuable.  I would ride it around my neighborhood and other places like the park etc.  So that is why I would really want a new bike.