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Guests receive flowers as SMH congratulates them on their achievement.
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SMH Celebrates Women's History Month

This year for March, Women’s History Month, we decided to celebrate our women that are continuing their education either through GED programs or attending college.  We allowed women to share their stories at circle everyday for the last week of this month.  They were also invited to a special celebration party for them.  We had cake, pop, and chocolate on the 3rd floor.  The women went around telling their stories about why they went back to school, challenges they face(d) and how they deal with them.   They listened to Mariah Carey’s “They Can’t Take That Away” and received a notebook, pencil, and a $5 GC to Wal-Mart.

Stories we heard….

Denise, stood up during circle and told everyone that her son who is 19 years old, talked with her the day before about going back to school to get his GED.  She didn’t know where to send him for help with that.  But just that day, Pat had announced that GED help is available through Hope Ministries, Granger Community Church’s building on Taylor and Western, and the housing authority.  Denise said this was an answer to her son’s need.

  Another woman, Lori, shared at the gathering that she first came to SMH in need of a toothbrush and toothpaste.  That, she said, was how low she had gotten.  She was on drugs but continued to come to SMH occasionally for lunch and a toiletry bag.  Eventually, she began to see that this was not the path she wanted to walk.  She got help for her addiction and today she is in school and clean.   

We had 14 women attend the gathering.  We had 5 women tell a short story of why they were back in school at the lunch gathering each day for 5 days.   This created a lot of conversation among the women during lunch and after, about school….a very positive thing.   We found out that there were many more women who were working on their GED or in college.