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Volunteer Opportunities

Come share your talents with the women and children of St. Margaret's House. We are open Monday thru Friday 10am – 4pm. Most volunteers work once a week from 9:30am – 1pm or 1–4 pm. Some volunteers choose to work more than that and flexible shifts are available. As we are an all woman environment, on-site daily volunteers are women. Yet, men play an important role too. (See volunteer opportunities for men). For more information contact our Volunteer Coordinator: Mary Fran Brandenberger at (574) 234–7795.

Individual Volunteers

For Women


For Men & Women

Group Volunteers



On-site supervision would be provided by:


MAJORS: Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women's Studies, Human Services, Counseling, Master of Divinity, Social Work, Nursing.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Depends on the nature of the internship. We can help you with most internship requirements. Intern will have interaction with women in need and will have duties in accordance with their internship contract requirements.

Volunteer Stories

A volunteer shares a personal experience she had volunteering, a day before she had surgery.

-"During the afternoon while the staff was busy with their activities and a small group of women were sitting quietly visiting, a guest walked in and joined the small group of ladies.  All of a sudden I noticed the other ladies embracing the woman who was crying and offering her words of encouragement. (I later learned that the woman had received news that her kidneys were failing.)  I could hear some of their words of encouragement and heard one woman tell her to read Psalm 37:5.  Not knowing the verse off the top of my head, I wrote it down to look up later when I arrived home.  As I sat back watching the group of women, I experienced first hand the magic of St. Margaret's House and that it truly is a safe haven for women to come to to be encouraged, lifted up and loved.  When I arrived home I looked up Psalm 37:5: "Commit unto the Lord; trust in him; and he shall bring it to pass."  That was exactly what I needed to be reminded of to relieve the anxiety over my pending surgery.  As I sat there reviewing the day's events, I realized that God was speaking to me through the women of St. Margaret's House.  Even though I was not an active part of the women's discussion, I too was lifted up by the words of encouragement that I heard.  This along with the hugs and well wishes from the staff, really helped relieve my anxiety about the surgery.  I have felt so welcomed at SMH and view it as a place for personal growth.  So a great big thank you to St. Margaret's House! " -Anonymous

"As a student at IUSB, I had a class that required 12 hours of volunteer work. When I first came to St. Margaret's House I knew nothing about it. After completing my 12 hours, I had enjoyed my time here so much that I continued to volunteer my time. One year later, shortly after graduating, I was hired on full time doing a job I love." —Angelica Healy

"I have been volunteering at SMH every week since 1990. I love the community of women here and I love cooking for everyone." —Betty Stafford

"I enjoy working with women of diversity; different ages, races, and economic backgrounds. St. Margaret's House is a place where I can meet and work with many different women through the staff, volunteers, and guest." —Gail Marti